Changes to the registration of public associations
The Law on Public Associations comes into force from the new year, introducing some changes to the registration and activity of associations. Firstly, it attracts attention to changes in the very definition of the association. It is not established by the law that the organization is founded for realization and protection of “its” rights and freedoms, which provides new opportunities for formulating goals in the constituent documents. The law divides associations into two legal forms – a social organization and a social union. The interesting thing is that legal entities will be able to establish associations (unions), whose members are individuals or legal entities, and individuals will be able to form associations (organizations) where only individuals may be the members of this organization. The abolition of restriction on the activity field of associations is important as well. The principle of free choice of the activity field affirmed the right to determine the scope of its activities independently. Under current legislation the term for granting the notification of the results of the application for registration of Ukrainian public organizations was up to 10 days. This period was reduced to 7 working days by the new law. To avoid misunderstandings during the procedure of state registration of public organizations, specialists of the Colares Law Company are always ready to provide quality advice and assistance on the state registration of public organizations, taking into the account the recent changes in the legislation of Ukraine.