The labor law plays not the last role in the life of the modern population of the planet, this industry is intended for regulation of labor relations, regarding hired employees. Law firm Colares is one of the few companies in Ukraine which allocates the sphere of a labor law in completely separate, independent practice. We provide a full range of legal services, covering all aspects of modern labor law: from the procedure for concluding employment contracts, before the qualified assistance and protection within the arisen employment disputes.
The lawyers of Colares constantly analyze the current working environment and the principles of interaction of its participants, and are also ready to assist in negotiating with trade union structures, to support the termination of labor relations and to protect the interests of the Client in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.
Among other practice services:
  • Registration of labor documentation: contracts, permits for employment of foreigners in Ukraine and its citizens abroad;
  • Addressing issues of equality and labor discrimination;
  • Creation of information security;
  • Assistance in the restructuring and reduction (dismissal) of employees;
  • Audit of labor law issues and others.