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Competent advice from a lawyer is the key to successfully overcoming existing or potential risks, and making informed decisions on many issues. Since 2007, the legal services of the Colares legal group have been assisting our clients in achievement of their goals, avoiding unjustified risks, and, if necessary, successfully defending their interests in court.
Colares means reliable. We have created a team of experienced professionals so that you could know exactly, where to find the high-quality legal services. We provide legal consultations in Kyiv, and render efficient legal support to clients.

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Often, time is of the essence. The sooner specialists take up the matter, the easier it is to achieve the desired result, and the more unjustified risks can be avoided. A lawyer’s consultation starts online - just click the button and get legal help. You can share your questions, get all necessary information, and find a cost of legal services. Contact us - support starts here.

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The ability of Colares specialists to go beyond the situation that has arisen and look more broadly in search of ways to solve them, as well as the desire to protect the interests of the Client to the fullest extent and with the maximum benefit for him, are the main principles of our work.

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