Financial activity is considered one of the most widespread spheres of modern economy. Institutions that specialize in the provision of services related to the circulation of money are in great need of qualified legal support since the specificity of their activities directly depends on many aspects of the law. Banks and other financial institutions (brokers, clearing and insurance companies, investment funds) are representatives of the industry, which attracted very often to use the services of qualified lawyers.
The law firm Colares and its team of specialists are ready to provide a full range of consulting services related to financial and corporate issues of banks and other institutions.
The main problems facing modern financial structures are:
  • Correct corporatization and structuring;
  • Competent organization of financial flows;
  • Attracting outside capital;
  • Problems of crediting;
  • Work with legislative acts.
  • Services provided by the Law Firm Colares:
  • Macro-financial assistance;
  • Consultations on lending issues;
  • Assistance in project, trade, export financing;
  • Control of mergers and acquisitions in the banking and financial sector;
  • Securitization of assets and others.