The segment of direct investments is actively developing both in Ukraine and around the world, which causes a certain increase in demand for this type of economic activity. Gradually, the list of services and third-party assistance that business organizations want to increase their financial and production capabilities in the domestic and global markets is being transformed and expanding its borders. In order to most effectively use all of its resources and be guided by new opportunities of modern business, many business entities need the additional influence of the capital from outside. Direct investments mean the direct participation of the investor in the functioning and management of the object, on whose accounts additional funds are poured. Direct investment funds fulfill today an important goal – they create an additional lever for increasing the profitability of certain structures and enterprises in connection with mutual interest both on the part of the investor and the investee.
With the help of expert advice and support, you can assure the transaction with maximum efficiency.
Advisors and lawyers of Colares are familiar with the specifics of M & A transactions, and the specifics of investment management, in particular within the framework of investment funds, which will maximize the benefits for the business and increase the profit from the investment.