Agriculture and the food industry are recognized as one of the key sectors that have such a significant influence on the formation of the Ukrainian economy. Given the high level of agriculture development and food industry in Ukraine, and the degree of their influence on the economic situation, the desire to compete with the world’s leading enterprises raises many acute questions before the domestic representatives.
A detailed analysis of all industry-specific nuances allows the specialists of the law firm Colares to provide competent support to enterprises of the agricultural segment and food industry organizations in accordance with current market conditions.
The provided range of services:
  • Auditing companies for compliance with Ukrainian legislation and international standards;
  • Cooperation with regulatory authorities;
  • Support in search and cooperation with investors;
  • Consulting on the issues of entering the world market of the food industry and agriculture;
  • Providing legal advice on the management of companies, taxation and business valuation in the agricultural environment;
  • Development of a unique strategy and innovative solutions for business of this nature.