The industry of modern information technologies is the most rapidly developing at the present time, and the demand for manufactured products is growing exponentially. In connection with the emergence of impressive competition, modern IT companies are forced to continuously seek ways to achieve commercial results and gaining a consumer audience. Using the help of specialists, to develop a unique strategy for the development of the information business, and to establish relationships with the supervisory bodies is quite a feasible task.
The experience of the legal company Colares in the field of cooperation with IT enterprises is quite large, but for many years our specialists are still actively looking for new levers of influence on the development of this business sector.
We will help companies involved in the IT industry to cope with the most important problems in this area, namely:
  • Obtaining intellectual property rights, and legal protection of intellectual property;
  • Optimization of taxation, resolution of disputes regarding the payment of taxes to the state treasury;
  • Settlement of labor disputes with competitors and controlling bodies.