Gradually, in Ukraine, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical organizations, are actively increasing production rates, against which there is a need for professional support and legal support for these business entities. A team of specialists, lawyers and advisers have repeatedly accompanied various transactions and negotiations related to the participation of the largest companies operating in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, paying professional attention to projects to attract financing for Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies.
The law firm Colares has many years of experience in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies.
The law firm Colares provides services that help the pharmaceutical companies to develop and exist within the framework of the current legal norms and laws:
  • Advice and support in matters of intellectual property;
  • Settlement of tax issues. Assistance in preparation of the reporting documentation and forwarding it to the controlling tax authorities;
  • Assistance in conducting foreign economic activity (FEA);
  • Advising on competition and antitrust law, assistance in resolving disputes with competing organizations and government agencies;
  • Settlement of environmental impact issues.