Currency Regulation 2018: Impact on Foreign Economic Activities
Tax Inspections: Preparing, Conducting, and Appealing against the Results
Problematic Issues of Exercising the Powers of a Public and Private Actor in the Consolidated Enforcement Proceedings
“Clarity in the Legal Opinion.” A Commentary on Whether a “New Creditor” Acquires the Status of a “Recoverer” in the Open Enforcement Proceedings
Problematic Notaries or Notaries problems?
Leveling work
Actual Agribusiness: opportunities and problematic issues
The Colares Legal Panel Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Business Travel Association of Ukraine
Criminal Proceedings: Does the Adversarial Principle Work?
Cosmetics Ukraine 2018 International Conference
Corporate business security. Why do we need it? Does business really need it?
Using fake documents: is it worth risking?
The curious case of the state investigation truba
Registration of consolidated companies
What is verification for financial and banking markets and what it will it work in Urraine?
The order of recovery of alimony payments on child maintenance
Vasilii Maidiuk: “Risks of an individual house-buying”
Anton Liashchenko: “Political preconception of the experts of the Kiev research institute of judicial expert examinations, as an instrument of a factual adjudgment”
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