Accommodation of outdoor advertisements outside populated localities

Since December 5, 2012, there came into force the Standard regulations on the accommodation of outdoor advertisements outside the populated localities. Under the approved rules, the present permit is granted over the terms of the contract. This contract provides the right for temporary use of structures for advertising, if shorter terms are not specified in the application form of an advertisement distributor. For the first time there was clearly determined the distance between two outdoor advertisement structures – at least 100 meters. The distance between pylons of advertising structures (e.g. billboards) placed along highways is determined in compliance with the safety regulations, but again it cannot be less than 100 meters. In case of violation of these rules, the regional administration has the right to pull down a billboard. More pleasant were innovations concerning the issuance of permit for free and prohibition of competitive tenders during its receipt. Also, the legislator clearly stated that upon terms of a permit for outdoor advertising, the subject is entitled to receive it again at the same place on a priority basis. It is important to point the fact that the rules do not provide the priority, i. e. leaseholders do not need to get the permission to secure a place for advertisements during the execution of the documents in advance. You can always consult the professionals of the Colares Law Company, who are always ready to provide you with legal advice on changes in legislation and help you to receive the permission to accommodate outdoor advertisements.