Changes in licensing of activities related to the creation of architectural objects

According to the Decree № 148 from February 27, 2012 passed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, from March 3, 2012, the building license is required only for the construction of architectural objects that belong to the 4th and 5th categories of complexity. Thus, according to these changes, the following activities are subject to licensing: Construction works and erecting (CC3 class – significant consequences and CC2 class – medium consequences); Installation of utility network (CC3 class – significant consequences and CC2 class – medium consequences); Transport works (CC3 class – significant consequences and CC2 class – medium consequences). The license is issued to the applicants only if they follow the necessary license conditions, which include material and technical facilities, equipment, the necessary regulatory system as well as the required specialists who have relevant education and experience. In case of submission an incomplete list of the required documents, false documents or filled with invalid data to the licensing authority, these documents will be returned to the applicant, and the applicant has the right to apply for a license for the second time. Documents filed to the State Construction Authorities for a license to perform other construction works (including general contract) will be returned to the applicants, because such activities do not require a license. Lawyers of Colares will help you to define a list of objects for construction that are subject to licensing and provide expert assistance in preparing a set of necessary documents and support of procedures for obtaining licenses to construction activities.