Features of import of the specific groups of goods into Ukraine

Import of goods is the customs procedure under which the importation of goods is performed into the country for consumption purposes. According to the legislation in order to perform import operations of the groups of goods, the subject of foreign trade activity is to obtain a license, which is issued on the basis of an application in the form set by the central executive authority on the issues of economic policy. When applying, the licensing authority may request other documents and information necessary to confirm the information specified in the application and the foreign trade agreement (contract). If the contract value does not exceed $ 300 000, the documents for a license are filed in the regional administration, which is the licensor. Depending on the licensing mode, the term is set from 10 to 30 working days of the date of receipt of the application and all required documents. Issuance of the license is not free of charge and it is performed only if there is a document confirming payment of the official fee, the amount of which is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Specialists of the COLARES Law Company are always ready to provide you with legal support of import operations and comprehensive legal advice on how to receive a license for the import of goods.