Features of obtaining a license for fire-prevention activities

The legislation establishes the following steps to obtain a license for fire-preventing activities (also known as “fire license” or “license from the Ministry of emergency Response”): 1. Submission of the documents required to the regional office of the State Inspection of Ukraine Technogenic Safety. The legislation specifies the following list of documents required to obtain the “fire license”: application for a license (in the set form); data on the necessary facilities, equipment, including an appropriate room for the performance of this activity; information on the availability of specialists with appropriate education. copies of documents confirming educational and qualification level of specialists required for the performance of the such an activity; copies of documents confirming ownership of the applicant’s premises, where activities will be performed. list of documents. 2. Verification of the information submitted by the regional office of the State Inspection of Ukraine Technogenic Safety. Upon receipt of the documents for a “fire license”, the regional office conducts a pre-licensing inspection in order to verify the information presented, and provided that there is no false data, it approves (stamps) the documents submitted by the applicant with the relevant visa. 3. Filing the documents to the licensing authority – the State Inspection of Ukraine Technogenic Safety. After stamping the documents with verification visa, the applicant receives them back in order to provide them to the licensing authority. 4. Adoption of the decision to issue the license. The decision to grant a license shall be made within ten working days of receipt of the licensing authority for the relevant package of documents. 5. Fee payment for the license for fire-preventiin activities. The fee for a license is a minimum salary as in effect when granting of the license takes place. It should be noted that the applicant must pay for a license within thirty days from the date of the decision to issue the license. Otherwise, the State Inspection of Ukraine Technogenic Safety may revoke this decision. 6. Issuance of license. The license is issued within three working days from the date of payment for the license. In order to avoid cases of refusal to grant a license in connection with not all documents provided or for other reasons and issuing the license in the shortest possible period of time, experts of the COLARES Law Company are always ready to offer you legal advice on obtaining the lisence for fire-prevention activities, and to provide expert assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents and support of procedures for obtaining the necessary license and other permits.