Future amendments in the procedure for obtaining the VAT certificate

On September 5, 2013 the amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine were made, which come into force on January 1, 2014 and provide a significant simplification of the procedures for obtaining the certificate of value added tax (VAT). In particular, according to these changes a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur can register as a VAT payer without conducting business activity and without having taxable transactions. That is, to obtain the certificate of VAT payer one does not need to submit documents which confirm that a legal entity or individual entrepreneur is engaged in business activity (e .g. business contracts, bank statements, etc.) to the respective tax authorities. In addition, according to these amendments, the application for registration of a person as a VAT payer can be submitted at the same time with a set of documents for registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. Then, the information in this application for VAT registration is transferred along with other information required for the state registration to the respective tax authorities by state registrars. To save your time and to prevent cases of refusal to issue the VAT certificate only on formal grounds, the lawyers of COLARES are always ready to provide you with advice on taxes, including advice on VAT, and help to compile all the necessary documents and obtain the VAT certificate.