On-line Commerce in Ukraine

In our time of very fast development of technologies more and more companies are decide to start e-commerce. Internet stores are one of examples of such business in Ukraine. During long period of time the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine didn’t adopt the Law related to e-commerce. But on June 3rd 2014 the Project of the Law “About E-Commerce” have being passed in the first reading. This Project of the Law was created by the group of lawmakers. Also business representatives took part in the Project of the Law creation. According to the mentioned above, the last Project of the Law is the best among all sent to the Parliament for approval. But, specialists of Colares Law Company had found some gaps in this Project of the Law. In example, there are some definitions that should be specified. Among them the definition about the e-agenda needs the itemization about the form of such agenda. Also, here should be mentioned about the positive points of the Project of the Law. Among them should be mentioned that the Project of the Law describes the definition of the e-commerce, e-mail, commercial e-proposal. Also, it should be pointed that in the Project of the Law is defined the list of dealings that could be done through the e-contract. Any business needs the professional law advice and for this matter everyone is choosing the law company that presents the best practice and lawyers. Such company is Colares Law Company. There are the best lawyers in our team who could provide you with the advice on any issue and also protect your interests in the court.