On state registration of mass media
According to the law all the print mass media that are published in Ukraine are subject to state registration. To get a certificate of registration of a newspaper or magazine, one is to fill in the application to the appropriate authority, depending on the area of distribution of the mass media, which is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. When applying, consider the following: If one plans to publish mass media in several languages, one is to specify exactly how this will be done – mixed languages or parallel issues (with languages). If the name of the publication is in foreign language, additionally the translation of the name is to be certified in accordance with established order. If the mass media is distributed regionally, one is to indicate regions where the media will be issued. One is to submit the printed application on a sheet of A4 signed by the founders (cofounders) or their authorized representatives (for legal entity founders – signatures of authorized representatives are certified with a seal). In some cases, the registering authority is entitled to claim from the applicant’s submission that confirmed his (their) civil capacity and civil capacity (passport, charter contract between the co-founders, etc.). An application is considered within one month from the date of submission of all required documents. In case of a positive decision on state registration of media registration, authorities shall notify the applicant in writing stating the necessity of payment of registration fee for issuing a certificate of registration, which is set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Qualified Lawyers’ of the Colares Law Company are always ready to help you obtain the certificate of registration of the print mass media and represent your interests in the authorities of the Ministry of Justice.