Peculiarities of employees dismissal for absence from work

One of the reasons for employee’s dismissal is absence from work – when an employee is absent at his working place more than three hours during the day, not including the rest. Besides, an employee is not only to be absent at his workplace, but also in the territory of the whole enterprise. The procedure of employee’s dismissal for absenteeism has the following points: Detection of employee’s absence from work: it can be confirmed by the report, lack of the entry in the in-and-out register, service tickets, etc. Creation of a commission to determine the reasons for employee’s absence from work: in accordance with established practice, the number of committee members, including the chairman, shall be not less than three persons. Drafting of the Act of absence from work by the commission. This document must include the following information: the name of a document; date and exact time of the drafting the act; the period of employee’s absence at workplace and in the territory of the enterprise; request to explain the reasons of absence from work; employee’s explanations of the reasons of absence from work; signatures of persons who draft the act; information on employee’s familiarization with the act with the date and signature of an employee. Figuring the reasons for absence of the employee and the information that may confirm the importance of his/her absence from work may be made as a separate act immediately after the presence of the worker. Imposition of disciplinary penalty on an employee due to absenteeism. Disciplinary measures may be imposed on the employee for absenteeism in the form of reprimands and dismissal. When an employee is a member of the trade union, one can dismiss him/her only with the consent of the corresponding trade union. In order to avoid employee’s dismissal against labour law and unnecessary litigation arising out of labour disputes, the specialists of the Colares Law Company are always ready to provide you with legal assistance in the form of advice on labor law, execution of the required personnel documents and are ready to represent your interests in court.