Peculiarities of trademark registration

One of the factors for the successful realization of your products or services is the availability of your own trademark – the sign used for individualization of products (services), which helps to distinguish them from the goods or services of others. There can be defined the following steps of trademark registration in Ukraine: Identification of the image (the sign), which will be a business card of the entity in the future. When identify the image, you need to consider a number of restrictions established by law. Also, please note that in the case of registration of a coloured sign, the cost of the required obligatory registration fees will be higher than the cost for a black and white sign. Identification of the trademark class according to the International Classification of Goods and Services. There may be a few classes, but be aware that the greater the number of classes, the higher the cost of trademark registration; A preliminary examination of the mark for goods and services. The procedure above is not required, but lawyers of COLARES recommend a specified examination in order to avoid cases of refusal to register a trademark in connection with the fact that a certain mark is already registered as a trademark for goods and services by another person;Preparation of necessary documents for registration of the trade mark. These documents are: an application for registration of the mark for goods and services, the list of goods (services) for which the applicant has requested to register a trademark, the image of the trademark, a description of a sign and documents on fee payment for filing an application form for trademark registration; Examination of the mark for goods and services. Usually specified procedure can last up to 18 months, but the qualified specialists of the COLARES Law Company will help to conduct the specified examination within 3 months; Adoption of the decision on registration of the trademark; Publication of a certificate in a specialized bulletin; Making the entry of the decision to grant a certificate of trademark in the State Register of certificates of Ukraine on marks for goods and services; Issuance of the certificate of the trademark for goods and services. To avoid cases of refusal to register a trademark in connection with improperly prepared documents or for other reasons, the specialists of COLARES are always ready to help you with trademark registration, including providing advice on the registration of trademarks for goods and services, preparing the necessary documents, and are always ready to represent your interests in court, in the case of unauthorized use of your trademark by others.