Purchase of corporate rights as a way of liquidation

To order the service, see: express-liquidation Recently an express-liquidation of corporate rights (its sale) as a way of the termination of a company is gaining popularity when conducting business. You can define the following procedure for the express liquidation of the enterprise: The adoption of the decision by the owners of a company to terminate their participation in the enterprise and change the board of the new members; Registration of new members in the state registrar’s office at the location of the company; Submission of documents and the seal of an enterprise to the new members (owners). As a result of the sale of corporate rights, the responsibility for the activities of the company (including the responsibility for conducting the ordinary liquidation) transfers to the new owners of the enterprise (a director, an accountant). The previous members will not have anything to do with the company after the registration of its new members. The main advantages of express-liquidation are: Efficiency in the transition of the corporate rights from a client to others. A client will not be responsible for the company within 2-3 days during the express liquidation, whereas during the ordinary liquidation a client has the burden of responsibility for the company until its complete dissolution, which could take several years. There are no inspections by the regulatory authorities, whereas during the ordinary dissolution the mandatory step is to pass an inspection of documentation of the company by the Tax Service, the Pension Fund and others. The possibility of the express liquidation of a company in case of accounts payable, but it would be problematic to conduct the liquidation if there is any debt. Absolute lawfulness. In order to save your time, specialists of COLARES Law Company are always ready to help you to conduct the express liquidation of a company, as well as to register a change of the director or the legal address of the enterprise, and will make all the necessary changes to its articles of incorporation.