The Colares Legal Panel Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Business Travel Association of Ukraine

The Business Travel Association of Ukraine is an all-Ukrainian professional association of participants of the business travel market and MICE. BTA Ukraine has set the following main goals for itself:
  • To unite the efforts of industry professionals to create conditions for the effective development of the industry in Ukraine.
  • To influence the formation of the legislative environment, which contributes to the effective development of the industry.
  • To improve the quality of services and the introduction of modern techniques and technologies.
  • To promote the development and implementation of a methodology for the collection, processing, and provision of reliable statistical information necessary for the effective functioning and development of the industry.
  • To turn the Association into a platform that unites the common interests and goals of not only market players but also suppliers and consumers of services.
  • To promote the formation of a civilized competitive environment in the market.
The subject of the Memorandum was the cooperation in the field of consulting services and professional support on various issues. Special thanks to the Head of the Association Anatolii Borodinets for the opportunity and the warm welcome.