The government adopted the draft of changes to the Law “On Personal Data Protection” developed by the Ministry of Justice
The draft of changes to the Law “On Personal Data Protection” was developed by the Ministry of Justice on government session on 10.05.2012. The draft legislation has aim to remove gaps that were revealed during enforcement of the law since January 1, 2011. According to the Minister of justice Aleksander Lavrynovych the government suggests Verkhovna Rada by this draft legislation to facilitate state registration of personal databases, to instantiate the procedure of personal data protection and expand the rights of the personal data subject. It is also suggested to cancel state registration of personal databases which are held in compliance with support and realization of labor relations. These changes are needed to prevent difficulties of personal databases registration especially for small and medium sized business, public and religion organizations, political parties. Moreover, the draft widens the rights of personal data subjects’. They have right to withdraw consent to process their data and carry the information to limit the right on data processing with giving agreement. The suggested changes perform more efficient correspondence of law regulations “On personal data protection”, “On access to public information” and “ On information”. Particularly, this draft concretize the legal ground for making a request, grant or denial in data access in personal database. Also the part of changes suggested by the government refer to necessity of improvement of current legislation to realize the Plan of actions on liberalization of visa regulation for Ukraine by the European Union . Also the changes are a background for Ukraine to sign an agreement on collaboration with Eurojust and Europol. For this reason it is important to draw up the list of countries that perform secure protection of personal data and regulate questions of across-the-border data transfe.