The specialists of Law Company Colares (ЮК «Коларес») participated in the seminar of “Perspectives of energy crop growing in Ukraine”

On the 30th of June 2016 the seminar about peculiarities of energy crop growing, extending and implementation of the experience of energy culture growing took place under the support of Gosenergoeffectivnost, Kiev Regional State Administration and the bioenergetic association of Ukraine. The main advantage of these energy sources is their neutral or even positive impact on the environment. On the data of BAU (БАУ) estimations, in Ukraine there are 3-4 mln ha of the agricultural lands which are not used and which may be applied for energy crop growing. And this will have a number positive actions: Rise of the farming unit energetic effectiveness and lowering of natural gas dependence. Creation of the new working places. Low cost of the land resources and cultivation unpretentiousness will contribute to rising of investment inflows into the regions. Possibility of diversification and development of the local energetic and logistic infrastructure. Realization of these drafts is possible on two scenarios: subsidization of energy plantations for account of the state and attraction of foreign investments into the branch. However, if the first variant is almost impossible because of the economic situation in the country and the war in the East, then, the second variant is entirely possible, although not easy. Investment into the branch is not clearly regulated legally, probably only in understanding of all processes in the business environment of Ukraine, knowledge of all legislative nuances of the branch and a time consuming work.