To destroy or invest? How the energy legislation of Ukraine destroys the property by the cost of hundreds million dollars.

On the 20th of April the Manager of the Juridical Directorate of Law Company Colares (ЮК «Коларес») participated in the “Week of structural reforms in honour of Kakha Bendukidze”, in partnership with the Labor-market monitoring center (LMMC – Ukraine). At this conference the questions of reforms in the sphere of energetics, namely, innovative approaches to reprofiling of the mines under liquidation and social support of the dismissed miners were discussed. The key item is using of property of the non-effective coal industries. The property by the cost of hundreds million dollars may be destroyed or ransacked because of negligence of the bureaucracy in the country. Maxim Prasolov, the main expert of the Labor-market monitoring center (LMMC – Ukraine), emphasized the problem of the legislation of Ukraine in the coal mining branch. Till the year of 2020 33 industries will be closed and destroyed due to shortcoming of the legislation in the country, and more than 38 thous. of miners, only in the East, will find themselves without work. The problem of unemployment in the region makes people getting themselves into different drastic actions because of absence of the necessary sustenance means. And, now, if we don’t solve the issue of the miners, we lose not only the humane capital of the country, but, herewith, even strengthen the crisis in the East. Solving of this task is possible only through adoption of the corresponding laws which will enable restructuration of the coal industries and, thereby, will create new working places. We have to understand that only by establishing a well-balanced and transparent financial system with the parts of the state and private sectors we’ll be able to convert nonprofitable coal industries into agricultural ones or industrial estates. In this way, we invest into the existing infrastructure of the mines for the sake of creation of new enterprises and working places for thousands of the Ukrainians.