Using fake documents: is it worth risking?

These days, numerous dubious firms offer relatively cheap fake certificates, medical books, disability sheets, etc. Sure enough, people are aware that this is illegal, but sometimes they don’t think about the negative consequences that will quite likely occur if competent authorities find out about forgery. In particular, employees who have submitted fake sick certificates to their employers can be dismissed from work for being absent at work for no valid reason for more than 3 hours. Besides, if the HR person has not noticed that a document is actually fake, this does not guarantee that there will be no serious problems in the future. The resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine dated November 6, 1992, No. 9 On hearing labour disputes in courts (paragraph 24) stipulates that absence from work means that an employee is absent during the whole working day, as well as absence for more than three hours continuously or totally during the working day without valid reasons. There is a vivid example of the above situation that has occurred recently. A person failed to appear at work and then provided her employer with a fake sick certificate. The accounting department did not notice anything when taking the certificate. As a few months passed, this person was positive that everything was going swimmingly. However, the officers of the State Labour Inspection of Ukraine who came to carry out an inspection found out that the sick certificate was fake and was fined the employer. After that, the employer decided to fire the employee for absence from work on the grounds of the Labour Code of Ukraine (Art. 40, paragraph 4). Taking into account all circumstances, the employee who provided the employer with a fake document would never win a case in court. Therefore, we want to warn all people against taking any reckless steps as to buying or using any documents in any suspicious firms.