Vasilii Maidiuk: “Risks of an individual house-buying”

Unfortunately, latеly, cases of machinations at buying of a real estate became more frequent. And, our experts of Law Company Colares (ЮК «Коларес») on the issues of real estate buying, still more frequent meet these deceived citizens. We’d like to remind that in particular on the stage of buying some residence, the buyers may come across a number of risks, and negligence of them may leave that buyer, as a result, without money, and without the awaited ‘residential meters’. Thus, in particular, such risks may be: buying the residence with encumbrances (under arrest, guarantee and etc.); ‘Having got’ the residence from the person who isn’t the owner of the corresponding real estate (for example, on the false documents); buying the residence which has judicial difficulties (judicial decision may be made not for the benefit of the person who ‘received money’ of the buyers); an availability of basis for appealing of the real estate purchase and sale agreement (for example, absence seller’s spouse consent and etc.); buying of an incompletely built residence from Real estate developer with the risk of ‘freezing’ building because of the funds In order to lessen significantly these risks, as well as for observation of the requirements of the legislation at real estate building (realty), it’s advisable to contact the specialists who will be able to provide you with a qualified consultation which will help you avoid loosing your money and time.