Who’ll receive monetary damages?

On air of TV channel 112 Ukraine the adviser of the Law Company Colares Mamchur A. is analyzing the Project of the Law “About monetary damages for losses caused to the properties of indemnities during the period of peaceful meetings as a consequence of unlawful acts”. This Project of the Law at the moment had passed the first reading in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and agreed with the steering committee of the VR. But specialists of the Law Company Colares had found several inconsistences in the text of mentioned Project of the Law and they are wishing to stress on these inconsistences for the matter to improve this Law. So, among inconsistences there are: non-existence of the clear definition of Subjects of the Project of the Law and terms of the payment of the riotous damages. One more inconsistence is connected with that the author of the Project of the Law draws only article 194 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Such restriction could lead to that law enforcement officers will stop to register criminal proceedings according to this article for the matter to avoid de-bonus of himself and his colleagues. More information you’ll find from the video.