Why should I register the copyrights or related rights?
As you know, the author’s rights arise from the inception of his work and does not require mandatory registration. This legal norm can be misleading for the authors that the registration of copyright is an inappropriate procedure. Indeed, the objects of copyright are protected from the moment of creation and does not require mandatory registration. But in the interests of the author or the person to whom he handed over the property rights as much as possible make sure to provide proof of membership rights in the event of a dispute. So, registering the authorial or allied rights is necessary for the legal fixing of the rights. Otherwise, the fixing of authorship after a certain period of time will be quite problematic. Advice of specialists of the Legal company “Colsres” to every author – the cost of certificate of author is very small now, but after expiration of time the cost of copyright grows in geometrical progression. Especially as without documents confirmative a copyright or allied rights, it is impossible to conclude such treaties, as about assignment of authorial rights, disposing of copyrights, licence contract.