Your start-up in the realias of Ukraine

Friends, a regular business seminar of “Business from the ground up” about peculiarities of business formation in Ukraine took place yesterday. Together with our partners like “School of financial literacy Finist” and the Consulting company of “NIAR”, we have successfully discussed the urgent problems of entrepreneurs in our country. In the course of the seminar, the Law Department manager of Law Company Colares (ЮФ «Коларес») Arsen Nizelskyi made for us an excursus on the possible risks which the entrepreneurs-beginners may come across with, namely: correct choice of an organization and legal form, license difficulties regarding separate types of activity, registration of a subject of foreign economic activity status and many other things. Also, Marina Bazhan – the leader of the Commercial Department, and Olexandr Korchevyi – the senior lawyer, helped the present participants to become clear with the choice of the taxation system and their actions at time of checkings from the side of the state structures. There is no secret that namely difficulty and high cost of receiving the administrative services creates the biggest difficulties in activity of companies, and frequent and ungrounded checkings from the side of the authorities sometimes just block the work of the enterprises. According to the results of the seminar, together with the clients we made sure that numerous legal collisions, foot-dragging and shortcoming of the current legislation, leave the entrepreneurs absolutely defenseless in front of the corrupt state machine and only a timely attraction of professional lawyers may decrease the risks of failure of your start-up. Regards and see you soon, the team of Law Company Colares (ЮФ «Коларес»)