The modern conditions of the market economy that create the highest competition considerably influence the process of the existence of various business entities. The equity, as a rule, directs the movement only in the most profitable industries of an entrepreneurship, therefore many, earlier successful organizations can significantly lose their level of success. It so happened that while someones are climbing the crest of success, others become unclaimed and unprofitable companies, and therefore they are forced to resort to such terms as bankruptcy and liquidation. With a sharp demand decline for a particular niche of goods and services, many business entities face bankruptcy. In this case, there is an acute need for competent and qualified support, which will help to get out of the not very favorable situations related with doing business with the greatest benefit.
Competent use of the legal base concerning insolvency is an effective and multipurpose tool, therefore, practice “Bankruptcy and liquidation” developed by our lawyers will allow getting out of any current situations most adequately.
Lawyers and advisers of the firm Colares for many years of productive work in spheres of the financial law including the solution of the issues relating to bankruptcy and restoration of solvency have managed to gain valuable experience and the extensive knowledge base that will help to overcome the arisen difficulties in pre-trial or judicial proceedings. We are ready to provide the following services:
  • Consulting and assistance in bankruptcy and liquidation matters;
  • Analysis of the financial condition of the entity;
  • Economic and legal expertise;
  • Assistance in the fight against illegal absorption and others.