Quite often in the business there are disagreements, the wrong decision of which can negatively affect the further existence of this or that enterprise. The best assistant in resolving almost any disputes between competitors or partners is a team of lawyers who can easily find the most rational ways out of the arisen situation.
During the years of active and successful work, the firm has managed to earn enormous experience and a powerful legal knowledge base, which helps to get out of any disputable situation adequately.
Services provided by our lawyers and advisers:
  • Consultating and participating in the resolution of corporate, financial, tax and investment disputes;
  • Assistance in resolving disputes related to securities, and in the banking and insurance spheres;
  • Disputes connected with the competitive and antitrust law;
  • Labor disputes, assistance in investigating malfeasance;
  • Assistance in resolving disputes regarding copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual products;
  • Disputes about owning real estate.