The key goal of criminal law is the regulation and determination of attitudes towards persons who have committed criminal acts, as well as the imposition of punishment and protection in case of innocence. Quite often cases are economic crimes by business representatives, and also accusations of imperfect acts.
The law firm Colares together with leading experts in the sphere of criminal law provides a full range of services for the protection of Ukrainian and foreign legal entities and individuals in the field of criminal procedural law, regardless of the level of complexity of production.
We provide the following services:
  • Assistance of lawyers during inspections by controlling bodies;
  • Analysis of the activities of business entities for compliance with criminal legislation, audit of counterparties;
  • Provide conclusions about possible risks;
  • Conducting investigations by the leading lawyers;
  • Protection of the Client’s interests during pre-trial proceedings, as well as in judicial bodies of all instances;
  • Briefing of company personnel on issues related to the procedure for conducting operational actions at the enterprise or within criminal proceedings.