At the present time the question of intellectual property is everywhere found in the practical majority of spheres of human activity. The right to own these or those developments and products that have arisen as a result of intellectual work may belong to their authors (developers) or subsequent owners (customers). The objects of intellectual property include literary and artistic works, the results of scientific research and finished inventions, the creative works of artists, software products, trademarks and brand symbols. The results of intellectual work need registration by the relevant authorities, and also qualified legal protection.
The practice developed by the lawyers of the firm Colares assumes a full-scale range of services to protect copyrights and the results of intellectual work against illegal encroachment.
Services which we provide within practice:
  • Assistance in creating documents and help in the registration of rights to products of intellectual work.
  • Legal maintenance in obtaining patents.
  • Preparation of documentation and legal control of procedures for transfer of intellectual property rights from developers to ultimate rights owners.
  • Protection of IP rights in pre-trial order, and also representation of client's interests in courts.
  • Assistance in concluding transactions related to IP objects.