Nowadays, the issues related to intellectual property arise in the majority of areas of human activities. The right to own certain developments and products, which have been created as a result of intellectual work, may be vested either with their authors (developers), or with subsequent owners (clients). Items of intellectual property include literary and artistic works, research results, and ready-made inventions, creative works of artists, software products, as well as signs, trademarks, and logos. The results of intellectual work require registration by the relevant authorities, as well as qualified legal protection.
The practice developed by the Colares lawyers provides a full range of services to protect copyright and intellectual property from unlawful encroachment.
We provide assistance in resolving registration issues pertaining to trademarks and patents, and have gained vast experience in working with all types of intellectual property, as well as advise on IP protection, including in such areas as advertising, media, software, medical products, and others. The services provided by our Practice include:
  • Support in preparation of documents and assistance in the registration of rights to intellectual property products;
  • Legal support in obtaining patents;
  • Preparation of documentation and legal control over procedures for the transfer of intellectual property rights from developers to ultimate owners;
  • Pre-trial protection of IP rights, as well as representation of the client’s interests in courts;
  • Assistance in concluding agreements pertaining to IP items.