Sometimes, one may be faced with such business situation, which, if solved adversely, may negatively affect the continued operations of a business entity. Reasonable dispute resolution is a must for every participant of global business processes, but it is not always possible to deal with difficulties and obstacles on one’s own. The best advice in resolving virtually any type of disputes between competitors and/or partners may be offered by a team of lawyers who will easily find the most efficient ways out of any situation that one may face. The Colares Lawyers protect lawful interests of their clients in a wide range of contentious situations. Among the clients of the Legal Group are major Ukrainian and international companies as well as entities involved in various areas of business operations.
Over the years of active and successful work in dispute resolution, as well as advising on the possibility of disagreements in a particular area, the firm has gained vast experience and a strong legal knowledge, which always helps getting out of any controversial situation.
Services provided by our lawyers and advisors include:
  • Advising on, and participating in, resolving corporate, financial, tax, and investment disputes;
  • Assistance in resolving disputes related to securities, as well as in the banking and insurance business;
  • Disputes in the field of competition and antimonopoly law;
  • Labor disputes, assistance in the investigation of official crimes;
  • Assistance in resolving cases related to copyright, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property;
  • Disputes over real estate ownership.