At each stage of the enterprise’s existence, its activities raise issues that need to be solved by recourse to competent specialists. In particular, this concerns issues of a legal nature, because the functioning of a business entity always involves many operations and processes that are solved from a legal point of view.
We assist in the preparation and signing of various contracts, provide advice on various issues in the field of labor, corporate law, as well as other sectors.
The accompaniment of the current activity of the company is a tool that will allow to optimize the process of its functioning, and also will help to avoid risks and make wrong decisions. Other services:
  • Preparation of contracts, control of the process of their signing by the parties;
  • Assistance with registration of accounting(reporting) documents;
  • Legal audit of the enterprise;
  • Briefing staff on labor and corporate law;
  • Participation in negotiations;
  • Supporting the interests of the company in resolving any disputes and disagreements.