Government relations are an inevitable stage in the course of the solution of various business challenges. The prevailing majority of the directions of the modern market of the economy in one way or another come into contact with state policy and is regulated by the laws of the country. Without competent cooperation with state authorities, it is rather difficult to imagine the existence of any business and economic entities within it. The practice developed by our lawyers covers a wide range of issues related to public-private partnerships and helps clients solve rather complex tasks in the process of becoming.
A qualified approach of specialists and professional awareness of lawyers and advisers in the settlement of public-private disputes allows our clients to get out of any situation successfully that arose in this niche of activity.
Among the services of the law firm Colares, within the practice of “Public-private partnership”, should be mentioned the following:
  • Help and assistance in interrelations with state bodies and structures, including the development of a unique partnership strategy;
  • Monitoring of existing draft laws, and also the changes assumed in them, in order to identify key issues for solving business problems;
  • Professional support at the stage of introduction of new draft laws for consideration by state bodies;
  • lobbying “for” or “against” concerning various legislative and executive decisions taken by state bodies;
  • Support and legal representation of the client in state bodies and others.