In order to increase revenues, enhance capacity of an entity and optimize the workflow, companies often decide to merge into a single organization. Such decision can often be crucial, because with a reasonable approach and organization of operations, such organization may be able to completely renew the productive forces and expand the field of activities. Corporations, consortia, associations, concerns, and other entities are classic variations of a number of legal entities in order to enhance productivity and profitability. Obviously, the procedure of merging several companies into one business entity provides a lot of prospects, but at the same time it is quite risky. If a mistake is made, some of the participants may lose all their productive capacity, and with an incompetent approach to the process of creation, questions may also be received from the controlling state bodies.
Our lawyers will help you in choosing the most efficient solutions and creating a lawful and economically feasible structure.
Establishing business associations is one of the core practices at Colares. Its purpose is to increase the economic benefits of all participants of the association, as well as the legal protection of the interests of a group of enterprises. Registering an association is somewhat different from the process of starting an independent company and is fraught with some difficulties. The Company’s services include:
  • Assistance in collecting and processing the registration documentation;
  • Assistance in the establishment of internal governing bodies;
  • Allocating and structuring functions of each member of the association;
  • Determining a degree of subordination for each entity in the association.