Each enterprise and the citizen of our country face the tax matter. Taxes directly influence a condition of the state treasury, in communication with what became a burning question for each person existing on its territory, both residents, and non–residents. The practice of tax law is considered one of the leading spheres of activity of the law firm Colares. Lawyers and tax advisors are not only fully aware of current tax issues, but also have a long-term experience in a wide range of economic activities.
We are ready to provide professional support and legal assistance in matters of taxation in such areas as banking, finance, agriculture, food and retail trade, energy and environmental activities, and also media, telecommunications and others.
Among the services provided by Colares in the context of taxation are the following:
  • Advising on tax liabilities of legal entities and individuals;
  • Consultation on international tax legislation, assistance in tax planning;
  • Assistance in optimization of payment of taxes, audit;
  • Assistance and support during tax inspections;
  • Protection of interests in tax disputes, obtaining explanations from the competent authorities;
  • Management of tax risks.