The current business market ensures availability of a fairly high level of competition in almost all areas. Competing with rivals is an integral part of existence of profitable enterprises, and, in the majority of cases, it is difficult to deal with it without professional legal support. Tender is the most competitive variation of selecting contractors for a particular service or suppliers of goods among a large number of different companies. Sometimes, in order to win a tender, the owners and employees of companies need to undertake tremendous efforts. However, with the help of Colares advisors and lawyers, you will be able to make the bidding process as easy as possible, as well as increase your chances of winning due to the elaborated winning strategy. The practice of tender support has been developed and modernized by our lawyers for many years, and therefore today, it is a set of services that allows you to make the process of participation in public procurement more efficient.
Colares Law Firm is your public procurement leader and partner in winning strategy.
Services at all stages of purchase:
  • Search for the most profitable clients for services or goods;
  • Analysis of tender documentation for compliance with the Law of Ukraine On Public Procurement;
  • Preparation of a complete package of documents for participation in public procurement, consultations on certificates, bank guarantees, etc.;
  • Consultations on possible strategies of conduct during tender. If necessary, participation in a tender on behalf of the Client;
  • Analysis of tender bids submitted by competitors, for compliance with the tender documentation. Preparation, on behalf of the Client, of complaints in connection with relevant decisions, actions or omissions, which are to be filed with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • Competent support of the case in the Antimonopoly Committee, courts and other state bodies;
  • Preparation of a package of documents to be provided by the winner. Legal support for the process of signing contracts.