What does the service include?

A succession lawyer at Colares will help you in correct drawing a will, acceptance of your estate, or will prove your right to it, and resolve any disputes that may arise. 

  • A succession lawyer provides the required advice 
  • Supports the process of registration of documents by a notary 
  • Renders assistance in obtaining necessary documents from state organizations 
  • Forms a base of required evidence 
  • Helps in performance of legally correct actions pertaining to acceptance of estate 
  • Supports at all stages of court proceedings

Hereditary disputes: particularities of resolving the issues

In legal practice, hereditary disputes, like other cases, are settled either out of court or through court proceedings. At the same time, it is important to understand that it is possible to inherit assets both by will and by law. The fact is that a number of categories of persons have a mandatory right to estate, regardless of the mention in a will. 

These categories include: 

  • children of the estate-leaver if they have not reached the legal age;  
  • children of the estate-leaver if they have reached the legal age, but are recognized as incapable of work 
  • the widow or widower of the estate-leaver if his/her incapacity for work is confirmed 


According to the requirements of law, regardless of the text of a will, they are entitled to half of the property that would have belonged to them in the instances of inheritance in the absence of a will. However, the relevant practice shows that in case of initiated court proceedings, the share in such property may be reduced, provided that there are valid reasons for this. 

Lawyers at Colares will help you straighten out even a very complicated matter, and they will be able to protect the client’s interests, and reach a solution of the problem.