Commercial law: services

Commercial law is a broad field of law that covers both general issues for different business sectors, as well as its own specific issues. 

Basic services related to the commercial law:

  • Drafting of a contract is an important part of any transaction because it helps reducing potential risks and protecting oneself in the future. Our lawyers will help you compile the required documents correctly, and remove ambiguities and misunderstandings from them. 
  • Verification of contracts. What if the document has already been signed, and now it is necessary to assess its correctness? The Colares lawyers will help you understand the relevant particularities and protect your rights under already concluded contracts. 
  • Recognizing transactions as invalid is a way to protect yourself from fraud and manipulation, attempts to impose illegal obligations. The Colares lawyers will help you find a legal way out of the situation when it is necessary to declare the contract invalid. 
  • The bankruptcy procedure is a mechanism that allows you to close a business officially and transparently. High-quality legal support of the process allows you to avoid lawsuits in the future. 
  • Pre-trial resolution of commercial disputes is an important tool for any business. Finding a solution that suits both parties, for example, restructuring a debt or revising terms of a contract, is beneficial to both parties. The Colares lawyers are well-versed in commercial disputes and procedure for resolving them, so they are ready to help in the most difficult situations. 
  • Representation in court. A lawyer specializing in commercial disputes will help preparing for court proceedings, and will also be able to effectively defend the interests of clients in court.