What is intellectual property?

The world around us consists of many different products and services, brands and logos, works of art and scientific discoveries. All this and much more is covered by the protection of intellectual property. 

Intellectual property is developed in Ukraine faster than the habits of being responsible towards results of someone else’s work. Unfortunately, we see copyright infringements committed more and more often. However, the effective laws allow you to seek compensation and protection of your rights.

Lawyers at Colares provide the following assistance:

  • Prepare a package of documents and register rights to products of intellectual labor. 
  • Provide legal support at the stage of obtaining patents. 
  • Prepare documentation and exercise legal control over procedures for the transfer of rights to intellectual property from developers to final owners. 
  • Protect intellectual property rights through pre-trial settlement, as well as represent the client’s interests in court. 
  • Safely conclude transactions related to intellectual property items.

Types of intellectual property

The laws of Ukraine clearly define what exactly is eligible for protection of intellectual property.

1. Objects of copyright and related rights:

  • literary works, both written and verbal (reports, lectures, speeches, sermons); 
  • computer programs; 
  • databases, if their creation involved intellectual activity; 
  • musical works; 
  • theatre productions and performances, including adaptations of literary works; 
  • audiovisual works; 
  • works of fine art, including photographic works and those made using methods similar to photography; 
  • works of architecture, town planning as well as garden and park art; 
  • works of decorative and applied art; 
  • illustrations, maps, plans, drawings, sketches, plastic works; 
  • collections, encyclopedias and anthologies, which are the result of creative work;
  • translations for dubbing, voice acting, subtitling into Ukrainian and other languages ​​of foreign audiovisual works; 
  • other works; 
  • performances of literary, dramatic, musical, musical and dramatic, choreographic, folklore, and other works; 
  • phonograms; 
  • videograms.

2. Objects of patent law:

  • inventions; 
  • useful models; 
  • industrial samples.

3. Brand identity:

  • commercial names; 
  • trademarks; 
  • geographical indications.

4. Objects not included into other groups:

  • scientific discoveries; 
  • layout of integrated circuits; 
  • innovation proposals; 
  • varieties of plants, breeds of animals; 
  • commercial secrets.


Protection of intellectual property in Ukraine

We provide such assistance due to rendering the entire range of services related to the protection of intellectual property: from registration (where necessary) to support of cases in courts. 

Contact us and we will:

  • review the assignment in thorough detail; 
  • determine specific aspects of intellectual property in each individual case; 
  • develop a protection strategy and efficiently implement it.


Our expertise extends to advertising, mass media, software, medical products, and much more.