What is included into the legal business support service?

Legal support of a company is an effective example of outsourcing the legal support of business. The Colares lawyers provide competent support at all stages of operations:

  • when preparing and signing contracts; 
  • advise on issues of labor and corporate law; 
  • conduct a legal audit of the company’s operations; 
  • improve the legal literacy of employees; 
  • support negotiation processes; 
  • protect the company’s interests in case of disputes and disagreements.


Legal support is suitable for all areas of business: agricultural, industrial, and IT companies. In addition, one of the types of services is legal support for investment projects. 

Particularities of complex legal support

A comprehensive legal support is commercially beneficial for business. Customer legal support allows you to optimize costs and build reliable legal protection for the company. 

The Colares lawyers offer a package of services depending on the client’s assignments. At the same time, a client can be confident that it receives assistance from qualified specialists who have successfully implemented similar projects. 

The key advantage of complex legal support: your business will be under the reliable protection of professionals.